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NIvoiceless 2021 Virtual Gathering

Stand for Life

Saturday 20th March 2021

How to join the virtual protest

STAND with us for a society in which every life is valued and no death is chosen.

Join us in calling for an end to abortion and protection in law for unborn lives. 

Westminster is poised to override devolution once more in relation to abortion. 

Read our joint statement with other pro-life organisations calling on politicians to make life the defining issue and to refuse to comply with this imposition.

SPEAK for unborn children by rehumanising the conversation about abortion.

SERVE pregnant women who may consider abortion by supporting organisations helping them.


We can't meet physically at Stormont this year, but if you support these aims, you can do two things:


a) Watch our new video


We premiered this video at 4pm today.  It leads you through a two minute silence followed by a commemoration of the lives lost to abortion in the past year and a call to continue to stand, speak and serve for life.

Anchor 1

b) Add your pin to the map for our virtual gathering


To do that, click the button below to complete a form giving us your name, town and message so we can post the pin for you.  Please note, your pin may take up to an hour to appear. 

See who else is standing with us and read their messages on the map at the top of this page.

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