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Stand for Life

Saturday 26th March 2022 at Stormont Estate


Around 300 people gathered at Stormont on a sunny Spring day to commemorate lives lost to abortion (they cannot speak) and to protest at the abortion laws that were forced upon us (we were not asked).  You can see some photos of the gathering below.

 In addition, some who could not come posted their names online.  The map below shows their details. 



This gathering commemorated two years since the laws passed in Westminster in July 2019 took full effect in NI.  Our aim, as ever, was to keep this issue before people and to provide an opportunity to mourn the lives list to abortion in the preceding year as well as encouraging people to support services for pregnant women. The fact that so many gathered so soon after coronavirus restrictions were removed shows just how much people care about the lives of unborn people.




As always, this gatering was cross-community and contained people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.



This event had our traditional walk up the hill followed by a six minute silence with lights held high.  Afterwards we called people to:

  • STAND for life by joining our annual protests and by voting for pro-life candidates in the upcoming elections for the Northern Ireland Assembly.

  • SPEAK for life by rehumanising the conversation around abortion and speaking to as many people as possible about the value of every human life from its very beginning in conception.

  • SERVE for life by donating to and volunteering for the excellent charities working in NI to support women through pregnancy and after abortions.

You can watch the promotional video and see the flyer for our 2022 event below.​

NIVoiceless2022 flyer .jpg
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