We Were Not Asked

| They Cannot Speak

Friday 6th September 2019 7pm

Stormont Estate



In July 2019, the Westminster parliament voted to introduce the NI Executive Formation Act 2019 if the Stormont executive was not reformed by 21 October.  One of the amendments to the bill sought the removal of protection in law for unborn children and paved the way for abortion to become widely available in NI. 


This process was undemocratic, going against the wishes of the NI people and unsupported by any sitting NI politician.  It was also immoral, ignoring the right to life of unborn human undividuals.  We felt we could not sit back and leave this decision unchallenged, so we organised our first gathering.




An estimated 20,000 people from all backgrounds attended this protest.



This event included awalk to the top of the hill and a six-minute silence (one for every county in NI).  Those who attended were deeply moved and there was a strong sense of gravitas as we stood together.  Our call was simple - for politicians and concerned citizens to do everything in our power to prevent the imposition of this drastic law from Westminster.​

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