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Express Your Sorrow

& Shine a Light for Life

Saturday 30th November 2019 3pm

Stormont Estate




On 22 October 2019, the law changed in NI, leaving unborn children until at least 24 weeks of pregnancy with no legal protection and opening the way for abortion to be more widely available.  For the first time, NI law disregarded the right to life of some human individuals and defined ‘healthcare’ to include killing.  This gathering was an opportunity to express our sorrow at this turn in events and to shine a light for life.


We must not simply accept this as a new normal.  Concerned citizens must continue to stand for the value of life, speak truth about abortion and serve women and families in need with compassion.




Thousands of people attended this protest despite the cold November weather, less publicity and a general sense of defeat because of the way the law was set to change.




This event included the same walk to the top of the hill and six-minute silence (one for every county in NI) but we also encouraged people to bring a stone carrying a tribute to the unborn.  Many people found it moving to lay a stone and then take a different one home as a memento.  The message at the end of the event was simple - that we must never stop standing, speaking and serving for a life affirming society.  The immediate actions we urged were:

  • STAND for life by voting for pro-life candidates and calling on political parties to work to repeal Article 9 of the Executive Formation Act.

  • SPEAK for life by responding to the NIO consultation on abortion regulation.

  • SERVE for life by donating to the excellent charities working in NI to support women through pregnancy and after abortions.

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