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Stand for Life

Saturday 20th March 2021  Online

Red pins were added on 20th March 2021 by NI residents. 

Yellow pins were added on 20th March by supporters from outside NI.

Blue pins were added between 21st March and 21st April 2021. 



We planned to commemorate one year since the laws passed in Westminster in July 2019 took full effect in NI.  Our aim was to keep this issue before people and to provide an opportunity to mourn the lives list to abortion in the preceding year as well as encouraging people to support services for pregnant women.  We weren't to know when we set the date that coronavirus would make a physical gathering impossible.  But we found a way to move the protest online using a map where people could post their message and a pin representing them in front of Stormont.  Weeks before the event, the news was publicised that 1091 abortions had been reported in NI.  By the time of the protest we estimate that may have risen to some 1200. 


Then as the date drew near, we found that it conincided with the news that Westminster was planning to override devolution once again in relation to abortion in NI by stepping in to commission so-called 'services' to provide many more abortions than were being provided.  We realised it was more important than ever to stand for life.




At the close of the day on Saturday 20th March over 6000 pins had been posted on the map, mostly individuals from across NI with only a few from further afield and a small number of pins representing a family instead of an individual.  People posted from all over NI - Castlederg to Cloughey and Castlerock to Crossmaglen - indicating the truly cross-community nature of our movement.  We had a few friends join us from elsewhere in Ireland and beyond too.  You can see names and messages from these individuals by clicking on the pins on the map. 



This event included a two-minute silence followed by a video of development in the womb to commeorate the lives lost to abortion.  It ended with a call to continue to:

  • STAND for life by joining our annual protests and in this crisis moment by calling on all pro-life MLAs to leave the assembly and executive on principle if Westminster imposed commissioning (we signed a joint statement with three other pro-life organisations in NI).

  • SPEAK for life by rehumanising the conversation around abortion and speaking to as many people as possible about the value of every human life from its very beginning in conception.

  • SERVE for life by donating to and volunteering for the excellent charities working in NI to support women through pregnancy and after abortions.

You can watch the video we released at our 2021 event below.​

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